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If, while walking around our vineyards, tasting our brilliant award-winning wine and taking in the glorious views of the South Downs, you don’t mind nuzzling a few horses and Labradors on the way, then Trotton Estate Vineyards is for you. The Hut is still with us as are Chena and Gringa.

We can do picnics, parties or just a simple tasting – whatever you choose you will be thoroughly entertained by Iain Heggie of The Exceptional English Wine Company fame and his inimitable blogs.

Not only will he introduce you to our wines, he will also talk you though the wine movement in the UK and why it has become such a fast growing industry and explain the differences between the various areas and the wines they produce . . . and he can and is eager to answer any questions on English wine you care to put to him.  He is very entertaining!

When we have our new wines, we love to invite everyone to try them. If you would like to be invited please email us so we can let you know when the next event will be.

Please call Carolyn on 07787 510383 to discuss your requirements or email carolyn.butler@trottonestatevineyards.com

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